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Examples of work related injuries.

  • Example 1:

    • Maria, while using a ladder to retrieve inventory from the upper shelf at her work place, fell off the ladder and broke her arm in doing so. This would be a specific injury given the injury was sustained from the specific one time event of Maria falling off the ladder and breaking her arm.
  • Example 2:

    • Edwin lifted a 90 pound box of supplies at work, and in doing so, pulled a muscle and sprained his back. This, once again, is a specific injury because of the specific harm to his back stemming from the one time incident of lifting the 90 pound box. 
      • If however, Edwin lifted a lighter 12 pound box every day at work, for 40 or more hours a week, and as a result began to notice that he felt immense pain in his back; this would not be a specific injury. Instead, this type of injury would be a continuous trauma injury because it resulted from activities over an extended period of time taken together resulting in injury.
  • Examples of Specific Injuries may include:

    • Hearing a sudden pop or crack in your body.

    • Falling with force from any height.

    • Feeling an intense, sharp pain radiating to other parts of the body.

    • Any strains, sprains, or fracture of your back, arms, or leg muscles/bones.

    • Sudden or extraordinary events at work, which may also apply to psychiatric claims.

    • Concussions or head and brain injuries.

    • Severe cuts and scrapes.

  • These one time accidents often occur when:

    • An employer is directing an employee to do something they are not typically familiar with.

    • An employee is over-exerting themselves.

    • A simple unfortunate and inadvertent accident such as slipping, tripping, or being struck by an object.

What should I do after I realize I am injured?

Whether the injury be a specific or continuous trauma injury, you must diligently fulfill your obligatory duty of reporting the injury to your employer and seeing a doctor before your condition further exacerbates. The earlier you begin your treatment, the higher the likelihood you can have a full and successful recovery.


It is important to note that your company’s doctor may attempt to instruct you to return to work in advance of you fully recovering. If this is the case you must not be afraid to raise your concerns and speak up so that they take your claim seriously.  

If I’ve suffered a specific injury, what benefits may I be entitled to?

Specific injuries that occurred on the job, may entitle you to the the following workers’ compensation benefits:

  • Medical costs associated with your treatment
  • Temporary disability benefits
  • Permanent disability benefits
  • Supplemental job displacement benefits

Your employer and their workers’ compensation insurance provider have it as their goal to minimize the benefits they give you; benefits you deserve! They have their own expert counsel as well as their own best interest in mind; which is why it is highly advised to navigate this process with a seasoned workers’ compensation attorney that can fight for you.


If you believe you have a specific injury claim, our experienced and skilled workers’ compensation attorneys can help get you the benefits you deserve. Your justice is our priority.

Consult with an experienced attorney for more information

If you have further questions about specific injury claims and how it might affect your case, consider calling an experienced attorney, such as C&B Law Group, for more information.


The attorney will analyze your case thoroughly, and advise you on what you should do to get the best results. C&B Law Group offers completely free consultations, allowing you to get the information you need without having to pay out of pocket.

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